When Benedict XVI visited the United Kingdom in 2010, he spoke of the "spiritual riches" of other religions. Prayer can help explore and appreciate these riches in our tradition and those of others.


This PowerPoint slide offers a prayer that can be said at any time, and every day, but is particularly suitable just before entering into situations of dialogue, perhaps alongside a quick prayer for the partner in this dialogue.

Bidding Prayers

A series of leaflets offering suggestions for bidding prayers at the major festivals of non-Christian religions, along with some useful background information and a short explanation for use in parish newsletters.

Bidding Prayers – Leaflet 1
Bidding prayers for the Bahá’í festival of Ridvánthe, the Zoroastrian festival of Jamsheedi Nowruz and the Jain festival of Mahavira Jayantii

Bidding Prayers – Leaflet 2
Bidding prayers for the Buddhist festival of Vesakh, the Muslim festival of Eid-ul-Fitr and the Jewish High Holy Days

Bidding Prayers – Leaflet 3
Bidding prayers for the Hindu festival of Diwali and the Sikh festival of Guru Nanak Gurpurab