Christ and Saint Thomas

Here we look at a sculpture of Christ's encounter with Saint Thomas - 'Doubting Thomas' - by Italian painter, sculptor, and goldsmith Andrea del Verrocchio.

Beyond the Cross’ is a five-part art and culture series that follows the Risen Christ through the artist’s eye taking in some of the main encounters of the season of Easter.

Here we look at a sculpture of Christ’s encounter with Saint Thomas – ‘Doubting Thomas’ – by Andrea del Verrocchio.

Simply called ‘Christ and Saint Thomas’ it was commissioned to stand in a niche outside the Orsanmichele of Florence, the “Kitchen Garden of St. Michael”. It was crafted between 1467 and 1483.

Our first contributor is London-based gallery guide Lynne Hanley who gives a critical and contextual assessment of Verrocchio’s piece. Lynne takes groups around the National Gallery for intimate and lively ‘Beyond the Palette’ art tours. More about Lynne here:

Then we get the “Priest’s Perspective” from the knowledgeable and engaging Fr Christopher Whitehead – priest of St John the Evangelist Church in Bath. Do check out his parish site: