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With less than 150 days to go until World Youth Day in Madrid, a series of three promo videos encouraging young UK Catholics to pick up their pilgrim packs and go to Madrid this summer have just been released via the UK Papal Visit Facebook page.

Featuring two young Catholics, prolific blogger, pilgrim Claz Gomez from Hounslow, and the young man who addressed the Holy Father on the steps of Westminster Cathedral, Paschal Uche from the Diocese of Brentwood, the videos look back on Pope Benedict XVI’s recent visit to the UK and encourage young people to prepare for World Youth Day Madrid.
 At the Vigil in Hyde Park last year, the Holy Father invited young people to join him in Madrid for World Youth Day.
 “…Let me finish these few words by warmly inviting you to join me next year in Madrid for World Youth Day. It is always a wonderful occasion to grow in love for Christ and to be encouraged in a joyful life of faith along with thousands of other young people. I hope to see many of you there!” Vigil at Hyde Park, 18 September 2010
 In the promo videos, Claz and Paschal encourage young people to say yes to the Holy Father’s invitation.
 For Claz, World Youth Day Sydney 2008 made an indelible mark on her life; there was nothing quite like expressing your faith with your ‘worldwide mates’.
 For Paschal, World Youth Day is:
 “Something that you carry with you for the rest of your life.
 “Each individual’s experience will be different. You will encounter Christ – in his diversity; in his love and in his joy. I would strongly advise young people to come along to World Youth Day, Madrid.”
To find out more about WYD and diocesan pilgrimages to World Youth Day Madrid, check out the links below:


Initiated, by Pope John Paul II in 1985, World Youth Day brings together young people from across the globe to celebrate the Catholic faith with the Holy Father. This year’s event is expected to attract up to two million young people from across the globe and the invitation extends to all young people, of all faiths and none.

World Youth Day Madrid 16-21 August 2011
 “Planted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith” Saint Paul

 The three promo videos are available on:

 WYD Madrid 2011 Part 1

 WYD Madrid 2011 Part 2

 WYD Madrid 2011 Part 3