CSAN launches cost of living campaign

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Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN), the Bishops’ Conference agency promoting domestic social action, has launched a campaign calling on the government to make changes to the welfare and tax system for the benefit of society’s most vulnerable.

The agency is also calling on Catholics to write to their local MPs to share how poverty is effecting their communities.

Bishop Terry Drainey, Chair of CSAN, said: “We urge the Catholic community to support the vision of the bishops’ Department for Social Justice in working to alleviate the impacts of poverty in our communities and promoting a vision for the common good where all can flourish and lead fulfilling lives.”

CSAN’s campaign is in line with a Department for Social Justice briefing paper the Bishops’ conference published in September which called on the government to uprate welfare benefits, remove the two-child cap on universal credit, consider reform of the tax system, and more.

CSAN is the domestic Catholic agency tackling poverty and injustice in England and Wales, with 50 Caritas diocese and independent member charities. Caritas Social Action Network is a member of the global Caritas Internationalis confederation.

For more information on the campaign, including a template letter to send to MPs, click here.