Bishop: COVID-19 “Impending humanitarian catastrophe” in Holy Land

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Bishop Declan Lang, Chair of the Holy Land Coordination has urged Catholics to support people in the Holy Land affected by the COVID-19 pandemic:

“As we approach Easter amid this global pandemic, we must not forget the impact on our sisters and brothers in the land of Christ’s birth, death and resurrection.

“Not only is this a major healthcare crisis, but necessary closures at this time of pilgrimage are also having a devastating impact upon the local economy.

“On top of this the confirmation of COVID-19 cases in Gaza, where the healthcare system has effectively collapsed and people are trapped in the most overcrowded conditions on earth, points to an impending humanitarian catastrophe.

“In the face of these unprecedented challenges, Catholics can stand in solidarity with the people of the Holy Land through our prayers, support for the Friends of the Holy Land appeal and contributions to other humanitarian agencies working on the ground.”

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