Cardinal Nichols sends “heartfelt condolences” to Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois after Paris terror attacks

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Cardinal Vincent has sent a message to Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois, Archbishop of Paris, expressing heartfelt condolences and offering prayers for all who have died. In this message, he said:

“On this sad morning I send to you my heartfelt condolences for all who died last night at the hands of terrorists in your city of Paris. I assure you of my prayers at the moment of profound disturbance, fear and disbelief.

“These killings are condemned by all right minded people as a crime against all that true religions hold to be true. I know that you will lead the Catholic community with wisdom and love and give that example to all who attend to your voice.

“I am sending my greetings to the large French community here in London assuring them of my prayers and those of all our Catholic community in England and Wales.

“May God bless France and all her people.”


Cardinal Vincent Nichols Condemns Paris Attacks

Cardinal Nichols sends message to French Community in London after the terrorist attacks in Paris