Cardinal Nichols Hosts Prince Charles for meeting with Syrian and Iraqi Christians and representatives

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Cardinal Vincent Nichols has hosted His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales at Archbishop’s House, Westminster, for a meeting with Syrian and Iraqi Christians and representatives of those suffering persecution in the Middle East.

“Christians are being driven from their homes simply because they are Christian and they will not submit to the demands of ISIL. They lose their lives and they are properly called martyrs. It’s important for us to remember that the proper use of the title ‘martyr’ never includes a person who kills himself or herself.

“We know that many who are being slaughtered are not Christians, many are Muslims and Yazidis, but at this time at Christmas, and in this country, there should be a particular concern and response to those who suffer for the name of Jesus Christ.”


Here you can listen to Cardinal Vincent’s address.
Note: This is a proximity recording in a large room.


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