Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor’s Advent Pause for Thought

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In a seasonal ‘Pause For Thought’ on BBC Radio 2, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor points to The Venerable Bede, an 8th Century monk, as the man responsible for the way we date history from the time of Christ’s birth – popularising the use of “BC” and “AD”.

The Cardinal reflects:

“Jesus Christ gave us abundant proof that there is a God who loves us and from whom in a mysterious way we came and to whom, at the end of our life, we return. So when you sing this Christmas, or hear singing, Silent Night, Holy Night, remember that it was into this world that Jesus came, the Son of God, to bring us fresh and good news of the love of God and through that knowledge, to bring us meaning for our lives and hope for eternal life.”


Cardinal’s ‘Pause For Thought’ – December 2010 (pdf)


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