Bishop: To save lives release all those still held in immigration detention

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Bishop Paul McAleenan has called on the Home Secretary to save lives by releasing all those still held in immigration detention.

In his letter, Bishop Paul, who is lead Bishop for migrants and refugees, welcomed the recent decision to release some people but warned that the hundreds remaining in dentition  “continue to be at extreme risk”  with “limited opportunities for social distancing and self-isolating which is contrary to the public health instructions of the government.

He went on to state:

“These people have not been charged with any crime and do not pose a risk to the wider public. It is they who are now at risk of infection, due to their detention in close proximity to one another.

After this pandemic, questions will inevitably be asked about steps taken by the government to protect the health and rights of the most vulnerable people, including whether the government applied its own instructions and guidelines to those for whom they were responsible.”