Bishop Malcolm McMahon’s Pastoral Letter for the Third Sunday of Lent

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In a pastoral letter read at all Masses in the Diocese of Nottingham last weekend, shortly after he was appointed Archbishop of Liverpool, Bishop Malcolm spoke of his sadness at leaving his Diocese:
“I have done my best to serve you as your Bishop. If I have offended, angered or saddened anyone by anything I have said or done, I am sorry and ask your forgiveness. Just as I am grateful to the Holy Father for the trust which he has placed in my by asking me to take up a new ministry in the Church, I am grateful to you all for your trust, friendship and support. I have enjoyed very much the last thirteen years; there have been real challenges, but it has been truly uplifting to visit you in your parishes, churches, schools and universities, to share your life of faith and to thank you for all that you do.”
He also spoke movingly of the life of faith which he has found during his thirteen years as Bishop of Nottingham:
“Our parishes, churches, chaplaincies, schools and homes are places of real faith, imbued with our Catholic ethos. We are all called to be living stones, building up God’s Church and proclaiming his Kingdom in all that we say and do, and that is true whether we are in Nottingham, Liverpool or any of the many Churches which make up the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church in which we each have a vital role to play. We are in God’s hands, and he has called all of us; let us ask him to bless us and work in us.”