Bishop Lynch Statement on the current refugee crisis

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Bishop Patrick Lynch, Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark and the Catholic Church’s lead bishop on migration, in light of the current refugee crisis has said:

“The Prime Minister’s promise to accommodate a further 20,000 refugees is an important part of our national response to the devastating conflict engulfing Syria and the historic numbers of people being forced to flee their homes.
I urge the government to prioritise the initial part of its five year timeframe and to provide the essential resources needed, so that these refugees can be received and resettled at the earliest opportunity and the option of extending sanctuary to others explored.
The scale of this tragedy requires a generous and sustained response from our government and I am confident that this will be supported by the contribution of the Catholic community.”


Refugee E-Action
To Contact your local MP and ask them to encourage the Home Secretary to devote sufficient resources for domestic and international resettlement mechanisms.