Bishop comments on legislation that will ‘fundamentally change’ access to abortion in England and Wales

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The Lead Bishop for Life Issues has responded to a Commons vote that will allow women in England to continue to access ‘DIY’ abortion medication at home. The measure was brought in during the COVID pandemic but was rescinded by the government and was due to cease on 30 August 2022.

However, MPs have voted to support an amendment to the the Health and Care Bill allowing women to use the pills at home by 215 votes to 188.


On Wednesday 30 March, an amendment to the Health and Care Bill overturned the Government’s decision to end ‘DIY’ abortion and fundamentally changes access to abortion in England and Wales.

Such a move diminishes the seriousness with which these decisions should be taken. Not only will this endanger the lives of the unborn, but also the lives of women. It is clear from the evidence over the last two years on the self-administration of these drugs at home that they pose grave physical and psychological dangers to women.

I would like to thank all those who wrote to their MP asking them to oppose this amendment.

In the face of this disappointing outcome, we must now strengthen our resolve to foster a culture of welcome and acceptance of new life, and to continue to pray and work for better legal protections for pregnant women and the child in the womb.

Bishop John Sherrington
Lead Bishop for Life Issues