WYD Diary – Day Six

The final entry in Luegi Lopes' World Youth Day diary is a short one thanks, in part, to just an hour of sleep. Pope Francis commissions the young pilgrims to "get up, set off, and do good!"

Luegi Lopes, our Digital Media Officer, is in Lisbon experiencing her first World Youth Day. This is the final entry of her diary.

Sunday, 6 August 2023

Perhaps you’ll forgive me for a shorter entry to finish. Days Five and Six very much blurred into one as I only got about a few hours sleep! Those who have been to a World Youth Day will understand. For a newcomer, like me, it was quite a shock to the system.

But what an experience. Seeing the sun set together, with thousands of pilgrims who has spent the night in prayer, was a very moving experience. It was almost as if God was talking to us directly, showing us His presence, through the beauty and nature of the world.

Day Six flew by so quickly. At 9am, Pope Francis celebrated the final Mass for World Youth Day. The Holy Father thanked us all, “obrigada”, he said, before instructing us all to get up, set off and do good.

Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I genuinely believe that the young pilgrims who took part in WYD will make the world a better place.

Catechesis with Bishop Arnold

Pope Francis may have boarded a plane back to Rome, but World Youth Day wasn’t quite over for me. Shattered, but happy, I attended an evening catechesis session with pilgrims from our Salford Diocese. It was such a nice way to end WYD. Bishop John Arnold urged us to consider exactly what our mission is, then to find the courage to embark on this mission and not be afraid.

WYD has been a brilliant experience. I am so grateful for the opportunity. I would say to any young Catholic, if you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to go to Seoul, the capital of South Korea, in 2027, grab it with both hands so you can experience the joy and magic of World Youth Day for yourself.