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The Vocation Music Award is a singer songwriter competition with vocation being the central theme. Originally starting in Austria, this is the first time it has been organised and run across the UK and Ireland. Contestants were asked to submit an original song of their own and upload it to the website. This is a of vital importance when promoting a culture of vocation within the Church, with people singing about various states of life and finding out what God’s plan is for them. The main collaborators and promoters being; the National Office for Vocation, Vocations Ireland, Vocation Network Scotland, Compass and National Vocations Office Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

There were 35 entries submitted and then 16 were selected for the final which took place on Saturday 25 September. On the day 10 were selected to have their music placed onto CD and there were further prizes for the final three:

1st Place: €2000 (Angela Byrne – Beyond Imagination)

2nd Pace: €1000 (Kate Flanders – Walk unto Water)

3rd Place: €500 (Sarah O Hearchai – Finished Tapestry)

The event will be run every 2 years with the next competition being in 2023, this is to allow the finalists to promote their music by various means. The final on Saturday has already had over 1500 views and still continues to grow as people find more about it. The reach has gone as far as the USA where a number of people tunned in to see the final.

If you feel called to write and compose your music and share this talent, this is the competition for you. Keep a look out for entries into the 2023 competition where you might have a chance of winning and sharing the message of vocation and discipleship through music.

For more information visit: https://www.vocation-music-award.com/uk/