The Place of Silence

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The Liturgy Committee of the Department for Christian Life and Worship has prepared a document on the ‘Place of Silence’ in the liturgy. It examines the role of silence in the teaching of the Popes and in liturgical documents.

The document centres on the celebration of Mass and goes through each part of the Mass and the relative opportunities it offers.

It concludes with an overview of silence outside Mass: before the celebration, in other Sacraments and in prayer and devotion.


The Place of Silence

Further Resources

To assist Priests, parishes and liturgy preparation groups reflect on the place of silence in the liturgy some additional resources have been made available.

Principles of Silence — Quotations from liturgical documents together with some key principles

Questions for Groups — Discussion questions for groups who would like to study the document

Formation for Silence — A suggested process for consideration when introducing liturgical silence.

Scripture and Silence — A series of excerpts from scripture to help people discuss the meaning of silence.