Social Teaching Conference: Archbishop Kelly’s Address

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‘A Common Endeavour’ is a conference taking place at Liverpool Hope University reflecting on Catholic Social Teaching.

Hosted by the Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN), the conference aims to examine the vital contribution the Church makes to society.

The Archbishop of Liverpool spoke very eloquently of the conference’s host city – its trade and industry, the fact that once 80% of the world’s trade came through Liverpool’s port, the foundations of wealth and, indeed, the human cost.

Archbishop Kelly pointed to two of the city’s artworks:

“Perhaps above all see two works of art: in St John’s Gardens, the statue of Fr James Nugent who immersed himself in the complex needs of the poor: issues of hunger, housing, sewage , schooling, borstals, alcoholism and prostitution. At his death a memorial was erected by public subscription. He saw, judged and acted.

“And in Hope St see Stephen Broadbent’s monument, again funded by public subscription to Archbishop Worlock and Bishop David Sheppard, in recognition of their commitment to the well-being in body, mind and spirit of all in this city’s more recent dark days.

“See their book portrayed: Better Together. But the statue has a third space where Stephen says each one of us must choose to stand to continue their service to all. That is why the Liverpool participants today come from across the Churches and Agencies: for the future will be better together.”


Social Teaching Conference 2011: Archbishop Kelly