Resolutions from the Bishops’ Plenary meeting held in Leeds in November 2015

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The Bishops of England and Wales met at Hinsley Hall, Leeds, for their autumn plenary meeting from 16-19 November 2015.

The bishops discussed and voted on a number of important subjects, prayed for the victims and those affected by the horrific terror attacks in Paris, and issued resolutions on the refugee crisis, the adoption of the National Vocations Framework, Day for Life, the 50th Anniversary of Nostra Aetate and the Good Friday Prayer and more. 


You can read/download the resolutions by visiting the pages linked below:

Statement on the Refugee Crisis

All other resolutions made at the November 2015 Plenary

Press Conference

Cardinal Vincent Nichols held a press conference at the Secretariat of the Bishops’ Conference in London to discuss the bishops’ meeting. Audio from the press conference will be made available in due course.

Section for statements and resolutions on the Bishops’ November 2015 Plenary.