Prince Hassan of Jordan offers support to Holy Land conference

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Prince El Hassan of Jordan has written to Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster and Archbishop Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, to offer his support for the two-day conference focusing on the Christians of the Holy Land taking place at Lambeth Palace.

In his letter, Prince El Hassan bin Talal reinforces the fundamental role Christians play in the region:

“In short, Christians aren’t simply part of the Middle East’s rich religious patrimony, but an integral part of its history, its culture, and its civilization”

Prince Hassan also offers his thoughts on the way forward:

“Perhaps we should start thinking less and doing more. Perhaps instead of speaking of ‘understanding’ and ‘coexistance’ we should begin, quite simply, by working together with each other towards common goals in our local communities?

“In Education and Charity why can we not work together? Who wants to see Jerusalem in the state it is in today? The human face of Christianty, of Islam, or Judaism so often remains hidden – but each in simplicity and silence is in a way undeniable, and greatly needed.”


Prince Hassan of Jordan’s letter