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World Mission Sunday – Wisdom from encounter

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World Mission Sunday - Wisdom from encounter

Father Anthony Chantry joins us for this Catholic News podcast to discuss World Mission Sunday. Celebrated on the penultimate Sunday of October, it’s a chance to support missionaries and the churches, hospitals and schools where they do the Lord’s work, in countries where the Church is new, young or poor.

Fr Chantry is the National Director of Missio, the Pope’s official charity for world mission.

On Sunday, 22 October, we join together in prayer to give thanks to God for missionaries everywhere who are spreading hope and the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Fr Chantry tell us what mission is, but also what it isn’t:

“Mission is not about imposing, forcing or coercing. It’s about listening, being present with people, accompanying them and acting on what comes from that – the wonderful wisdom from these encounters. Jesus did exactly the same. We’re just following the master. He will show us the way.”

Listen to Fr Chantry speak about World Mission Sunday, Pope Francis’ theme for this year’s celebration, Missio’s focus on the story of Sister Mary in Africa’s biggest slum – Kibera in Kenya, and more.


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