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Synod, Lent and Ukraine | Episode 11

At the Foot of the Cross
At the Foot of the Cross
Synod, Lent and Ukraine | Episode 11

We’ve held our February podcast back a week so we can justly and solemnly mark the tragedy of the one-year anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine.

Bishop Kenneth Nowakowski, the Eparchial Bishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the UK gives us an extended interview as we remember all those who have died and pray for peace and the laying down of arms.

You can listen to this piece at the end of our podcast.

Episode 11 begins with a review of the Synod’s European Continental Assembly that took place in Prague from 5-12 February. Our Director of Mission, Fr Jan Nowotnik, was part of a four-person team that travelled to the Czech Republic, led by Bishop Nicholas Hudson, to participate in this important phase.

Lent has started and, as such, we continue to look more deeply at John’s Gospel with Canon Christopher Thomas, General Secretary of the Bishops’ Conference. We immerse ourselves in those three great catechetical gospels.


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