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Newman on Reason

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Newman on Reason

Who better to talk about John Henry Newman and the debate around faith and reason than the Theologian of the Papal Household?

Dominican Father Wojciech Giertych OP has served the Pontifical Household since 2005 – covering the pontificates of both Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.

Fr Giertych gives us an academic yet accessible reflection.

“Newman stressed the autonomy of faith and of the rational mind, insisting that the two are not to be confused. Believers engage with God because they have been moved by Him and they need to preserve the purity of this graced relationship. Faith accepts the divine Word as the supreme light and guidance. Philosophical reason has its dignity but also its limits and so it should not encroach upon faith, imposing its own standards.”

“… The true Christian does not scan the mysteries of faith according to rational criteria accepting only those that are deemed to be valid. The Christian does the reverse. The totality of what God has revealed enjoys primacy, and then practical life is measured by the unique criterion that is the received divine mystery.”