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Charles de Foucauld

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Charles de Foucauld

In December 1916, deep in the Sahara, an unknown French hermit was shot through the head and dumped in a ditch. He was 58.

An accomplished geographer, linguist and explorer, in youth he had been a disillusioned soldier and aristocratic playboy.

Why at 30 did he abandon family, career, everything, to search for ‘the last place’, close to the poor and suffering?

This audiobook describes his epic pilgrimage from misery to love and of silent witness to Christ among the Tuareg of the Sahara, including his writings and prayers, and the work being done today by Little Brothers and Sisters of Jesus.


This now out-of-print title offered by the Catholic Truth Society (CTS) was written by the late J. Fawley in 1999 and published a year later. But, fear not, this excellent book has not been lost. You can listen to this audiobook version for free. Read by Monica Nash.

Duration: 1 hour 21 minutes