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Bishop of Wrexham celebrates Shrine’s elevation to National Status

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Bishop of Wrexham celebrates Shrine's elevation to National Status

Bishop Peter Brignall, the Bishop of Wrexham, has warmly welcomed the news that the Shrine of St Winefride in Holywell, north Wales, has been elevated to the status of a National Shrine for England and Wales.

The shrine, on Bishop Peter’s patch, has an unbroken 1,400-year tradition of pilgrimage and is part of the national heritage of Wales.

The Bishops, at their Autumn 2023 Plenary meeting, approved its elevation giving it national status, and the move will likely bring more people to this remarkable place of pilgrimage, prayer, consolation, and hope.

“Everyone is more than welcome, whether they are of faith or not, to come and discover a bit of our country’s tradition and heritage, and that they come with open hearts to that commitment to God that they may not have within their own lives, but are able to recognise in the lives of others and be prepared to be touched by that.”

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