The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales met for their plenary meeting at Hinsley Hall in the Diocese of Leeds from 5-8 May 2014. Here you can read or download the statements and resolutions.

Plenary Resolution: First World War Commemorations

A resolution on commemorations for the centenary of the First World War from the Bishops' May 2014 plenary meeting.

A resolution on Assisted Suicide from the Bishops' May 2014 plenary meeting... Proposals to legalise assisted suicide for terminally ill people raise serious questions about how we care for elderly and vulnerable people.

At the conclusion of their Plenary Assembly on Thursday 7 May, the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales demonstrated solidarity with their brothers and sisters of the Ukrainian Catholic Church by concelebrating the Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom with Bishop Hlib Lonchyna, the Eparch of the Ukrainian faithful of the Byzantine Rite in Great Britain.

Nearly 100 men and women entered convents, seminaries and religious houses across England and Wales in 2013.

The Apostolic Nuncio to Great Britain, His Excellency Archbishop Antonio Mennini, has shared his concern over the "sensitive issue" of the Assisted Dying Bill with the Bishops of England and Wales ahead of their plenary meeting in Leeds. The Nuncio, Pope Francis' representative in the UK, addressed the Bishops on the eve of their bi-annual plenary meeting taking place at Hinsley Hall, Leeds between 6-8 May 2014.