Mental Health Project: A Report on the Annual Retreat

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For four years now the Catholic Bishops’ Conference Mental Health Project has been organising and subsidising an Annual Residential Retreat for those involved in Mental Health Pastoral Care.

Bishop Richard Moth, newly appointed to Arundel and Brighton, and the lead Bishop for mental health in England and Wales has provided the retreat talks. They have been so well received that many of those who attend are repeat guests.

Indeed one of the groups ventured that:

“The recent two days in Douai was a wonderful experience; inspiring and encouraging. Bishop Richard Moth gave his best ever talks for anyone wanting to gain better compassion and understanding of the suffering of individuals with mental health problems and their careers.”

This year we met at Douai Abbey which is home to a community of monks of the English Benedictine Congregation situated between Reading and Newbury. One of the comments frequently made about Douai is that it offers an environment and atmosphere of peace and serenity, where the cares of daily life can be left behind. Visitors are welcome to join in the gentle routine of monastic prayer.

A retreatant remarked about the office of prayers:

“I am so grateful that those wonderful monks do it day in day out and I thank God for them and hope their holiness will wash off on me a little!”

Next Year

The dates for next year’s retreat are 11 – 13 October 2016.

If you would be interested in attending, please contact Gail Sainsbury: