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More glamorous than Glastonbury and even more unique than Bestival and the Isle of Wight Festival, ‘Invocation’ returns for the second year running and is set to attract plenty of festival goers with headline acts including Fr Christopher Jamison, OSB, Sr Gabriel Davison and the Archbishop of Birmingham, Bernard Longley.
Billed as being the festival for those who are looking to understand God’s will for their lives. Workshops include:

Why be a priest?
Am I the right fit? I’m not ready to be collared for the challenge of a lifetime!

When others are not so happy about my calling…

A spiritual workout – what is prayer and how do we pray?
Tuning into the God frequency
Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols who is leading 10 men on their journey into the priesthood within the Diocese of Westminster in September said about vocation: “Vocation and happiness go hand in hand. So listen, be attentive, be courageous in trying to sense what it is God wants you to be because that is the way to true and lasting peace and happiness.”
Comments from some of last year’s festival goers:

“Similarities with other events stopped at the tents and toilets!”

“To see the amount of guys and girls as well thinking about vocation to religious life or the diocesan priesthood – it’s fantastic.”

“It helped me to find some concrete steps to answer the question about my own vocation.”
Invocation takes place from Friday 17 June to Sunday 19 June in the grounds of St Mary’s College, Oscott, Birmingham. It’s open to any young man or woman between the ages of 16 and 35 who is seriously thinking about God’s call in their lives. The festival costs £50.
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Photos from the first Invocation (last year)