Working with Others

The Department for Christian Life and Worship represents the Bishops’ Conference in a number of organisations.

Bishop passing Book

Some of these are international bodies collaborate on liturgical texts with other Bishops’ Conferences. The Department also appoints members to ecumenical groups in the United Kingdom for the sharing of good practice and ensuring that when dealing with civil authorities the Church’s views are represented.

International Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL)

A mixed commission of Catholic Bishops’ Conferences in countries where English is used in the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy according to the Roman Rite. The purpose of the Commission is to prepare English translations of each of the Latin liturgical books and any individual liturgical texts in accord with the directives of the Holy See.

Churches’ Funerals Group

The Churches’ Group on Funeral Services at Cemeteries and Crematoria was formed as an advisory group in 1980 by the mainstream Churches in England and Wales to co-ordinate their policies in connection with the pastoral and administrative aspects of funeral services at cemeteries and crematoria, and to represent the Churches at national level in joint discussions with public and private organisations on any matters relating to ministry at such funerals.

Representatives: Revd Paul Martin

Joint Liturgical Group of Great Britain

The JLG began in 1963. Its aim has always been to serve the churches of Britain in the renewal of their worship. The JLG has been concerned with the demands of worship in Britain, and the development of common liturgical thinking and texts in the worldwide Church.

Representatives: Mr Martin Foster, Mgr Kevin McGinnell

Church of England Liturgical Commission

Since the 1980s the Liturgy Committee of the Bishops’ Conference and the Church of England Liturgical Commission have exchanged Observers. Their role is to share news and insights from the work of their denomination.

Catholic Observer: Revd Dr Peter McGrail

Anglican Observer: Revd Dr Simon Jones, Dr Bridget Nicholls

RCIA Network

The RCIA Network is made up of people who have leadership roles in the RCIA process in Dioceses and parishes, and exists to support them in their work and to promote an authentic understanding of the Church’s teaching about the Rite. The Network has good relations with two Conference Departments: Christian Life and Worship and Catechesis and Evangelisation.

Representatives: Mrs Caroline Dollard, Mr Martin Foster