Make Savings

An introduction to Churchmarketplace - a co-operative purchasing system.

Are you a Catholic organisation, parish or school interested in reducing costs?

Churchmarketplace, a co-operative purchasing system, has negotiated high volume discounts for the Catholic Church with key suppliers:

  • Office Depot for stationery
  • Lockie for Gift Aid Envelopes
  • Phoenix for computer software
  • MISCO for computer hardware
  • Toshiba for photocopiers
  • Safelincs for health and safety


  • Suppliers for telecommunications, clerical shirts, electricity and many other products and services.

Churchmarketplace is an initiative developed by the Catholic Church in response to a need expressed nationally by Dioceses and their Bishops for a co-operative purchasing system to help Catholic organisations reduce their costs. Initially launched in England and Wales, the Financial Secretaries are working closely with School Commissioners and the Bishops.

It is primarily a web-based portal for securely accessing suppliers’ sites but orders can also be placed by phone or fax, using catalogues. Suppliers are held accountable with guaranteed quality of products, services and delivery.


Membership is free for Catholic parishes, schools, charities, religious orders and Catholic organisations by registering on

Where there is no conflict with official suppliers, members can also recommend their local suppliers to Churchmarketplace.

We hope that there will be significant benefits to being part of “something larger” and helping each other, especially the smaller charities, as part of the Catholic Community. This will be achieved by acting together and leveraging the immense purchasing power we have as a Church to negotiate lower prices. Saving time and money we will be able to be more effective for mission in our schools, parishes and communities.

The office website of Churchmarketplace


For more information:

Jenny Williamson
01332 293833 ext 239

or call 020 7931 6092