Frequently Asked Questions

How does Churchmarketplace work? How can I register and start making savings? Can I join as an individual or just for my Catholic organisation?

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Who owns Churchmarketplace?

Churchmarketplace is owned and operated on a not-for-profit basis by the Catholic Church, as represented by the Dioceses of England and Wales, and is endorsed by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

Why become a member of Churchmarketplace?

  • Benefit from consistently lower prices and high quality products and services from a range of selected suppliers.
  • Help smaller charities, parishes and schools in the Church Community achieve cost savings.
  • Choose the products and services you need through the secure Churchmarketplace portal.
  • Support our Religious Communities.
  • Promote and recommend businesses that have proven themselves as suppliers to the Church.

Who can become a member?

There are two options:

  • Organisational Membership – open to Catholic parishes, schools, religious orders and organisations
  • Personal Membership – open to employees of Catholic parishes, schools, religious orders and organisations who are already members of Churchmarketplace


How do I become a member and start to purchase through Churchmarketplace?

Registration is free and is available to Catholic parishes, schools, organisations and their employees.

To become a member you need to register at

Once you are registered you can start to shop as soon as you receive your log in details by email and confirm that Churchmarketplace has recorded your registration information correctly.

What is the difference between an Organisation Member and a Personal Member?

Register as an Organisation Member if you are ordering on behalf of your organisation (parish, school, religious order, charity, Church organisation etc) for work purposes.

Register as a Personal Member if you are ordering for your own personal use at home.

Can I register both as an Organisation Member and a Personal Member?

Yes. You will need to register as an Organisation Member with your official work email address (eg. or and as a Personal Member with your personal email address (eg

If you have already registered as an Organisation Member with your personal email address, then you can register as a Personal Member with the same email address although we hope this will be the exception rather than the rule!


How many suppliers are there?

A range of suppliers are present, offering discounts and competitive pricing on products that are most needed by our Catholic Community. Products and services include telecommunications (landlines, broadband, mobiles); computers; software; computer consumables (eg toner cartridges); health & safety equipment (eg fire extinguishers); stationery and school supplies; cleaning supplies; free catering procurement service; photocopiers; altar breads; gift aid envelopes; school money envelopes; clerical shirts; water softeners. We are constantly adding to the suppliers listed and there is safety in the knowledge that all suppliers have been recommended by our community and that they have a commitment to the mission and ethos of the Catholic Church.

What about my current suppliers?

It is recognised that there are many excellent local and regional suppliers who have been serving the church well. This is why we have created White Pages. Members can recommend a supplier to be added to the portal from the “My Account” section.

Who is responsible for purchasing?

Whoever is currently managing purchasing remains the customer and is responsible for their own purchasing decisions and payment.

Do I have to purchase online?

Most of our Official Suppliers will also provide the option of buying via catalogues and/or via a dedicated phone line. If you prefer to select from a catalogue and order by phone please ensure that you make it known that you are a member of Churchmarketplace. If you do not identify yourself as part of Churchmarketplace the supplier may treat you as a ‘normal’ customer and you will not receive the discounts that have been negotiated on your behalf. Catalogues will be sent to you if you tick that box when registering.

How do I place an order?

Once logged on as a member, click on “product search” and go through to the suppplier’s website where you will be able to place your order. Most of our Official Suppliers will provide the option of buying either online, via a catalogue and/or via a dedicated phone line. If ordering by phone, members must identify themselves as part of Churchmarketplace in order to receive their discounts.

How is payment made?

Suppliers invoice organisation members and payment is made directly to suppliers. Personal members pay suppliers by credit card.