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Living and Dying Well

Living and Dying Well researches and analyses the evidence surrounding the 'assisted dying' debate. Their aim is to present readers with reliable information on which to form their own views.

Living and Dying Well was formed in 2010 to research the serious evidence surrounding the end-of-life debate, to apply clear thinking to them and to publish the results.  They produce regular reports on specific aspects of the end-of-life debate and hold seminars from time to time on topical issues.  They also provide speakers for debates in universities and other bodies and they participate in conferences and seminars. Their aim is to ensure that the information that reaches Parliament and the public on these often-contentious issues is grounded in hard evidence and rigorous analysis rather than in spin and sensationalism.  To this end, in addition to our periodic reports, They offer a website containing a wide range of factual material and comment on issues of the day.


Visit the official website for Living and Dying Well


Truths and Half Truths About Assisted Dying

A helpful guide which shares an evidenced statement of the reality of each of the question and answers posed by the pro-assisted suicide campaign group, Dignity in Dying.

Facing Facts: Why Assisted Suicide is not a Job for Doctors

A report that critically examines the accuracy of Dignity in Dying’s 2020 report which states that 17 people in the UK, every day, suffer as they die. A closer look at the report, suggests otherwise.