Catechesi Tradendae – Module Four

In the final section of Catechesi Tradendae Pope Saint John Paul II continues to develop the contrast between the indifference and anxiety of the world with the joy and hope of the Gospel.

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Far from making catechesis futile, unnecessary or outdated, the opposition to the Gospel so often encountered in contemporary culture makes it all the more urgent to strengthen the Christian identity of the faithful through careful, thorough, and permanent catechesis.

The more Christians are formed in their faith the more they will live it out in the world, and the more people do this the more the joy of the Gospel will be manifested to all, and the more the disordered and broken elements of the modern world will be corrected naturally.

Let’s conclude by being encouraged by Pope Saint John Paul II to celebrate and share with others the joy and hope of the Gospel.


This 24-page PDF contains:

  • Meditation on the Themes of the Text
  • Outline of the Text
  • Text of Catechesi Tradendae
  • Summary Questions
  • Lectio Divina Passages
  • Prompts for Journaling
  • Discussion Questions

It can be downloaded and printed so you can follow the fourth section of Catechesi Tradendae.


We have produced four audio readings of Catechesi Tradendae. Archbishop John Wilson reads the fourth and final part of the document. Note: This was produced in 2019 – the 40th anniversary of Catechesi Tradendae.

Prayer After Study

Holy Lord, I thank you for the opportunity you have given me to study your Word and to grow in knowledge and love of your wisdom. As I now return to other tasks I pray that you will continue to enlighten my mind to know you better and enflame my heart to grow in love of you. Help your holy Word to take root and blossom in my soul so that all that I have learned in study may shine forth in everything that I do. Help me to build up your kingdom here on earth and grant me many more opportunities to know you better through study. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, your living and true Word. Amen.