Resources – Week of Prayer for China

Audio and video resources for the Week of Prayer for China.

The Boxer Rebellion and Our Lady of China

In this video Fr Joseph Liang, chaplain at the Chinese Chaplaincy in east London, gives us a brief history of the Boxer Rebellion that took place at the turn of the 20th century, and explains why many Chinese Catholics have a strong devotion to Our Lady.

This video has subtitles.


Our Father – Mandarin

Listen to the ‘Our Father’ prayer in Mandarin – the language of China. Let us pray with confidence to the Father through the words our Saviour gave us…

Hail Mary – Cantonese

For May – the Month of Mary – we focus our prayer on Our Lady for a podcast series called ‘Full of Grace’. Here you can listen to the Hail Mary in Cantonese.

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Scripture, Prayer and Intercessions

You can download the Scripture reading, prayer and intercessions that we have prepared for the week of prayer.