Cathedral of St John the Baptist

The Cathedral of St John the Baptist is a fine example of the great Victorian Gothic Revival.

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Designed by George Gilbert Scott Junior, it was the generous gift to the Catholics of Norwich of Henry Fitzalan Howard as a thank-offering for his first marriage to Lady Flora Abney-Hastings. Duke Henry, following an approach by Canon Richard Duckett, commissioned the building and took a keen interest in every aspect of its design from its initial conception in the early 1870s to its completion and dedication in 1910.

Until 1976 when it became the Cathedral of the new Diocese of East Anglia, this great church was believed to be the largest parish church in England.

Now a Grade I listed building, the Cathedral of St John the Baptist is one of Norwich’s iconic buildings, rising above the city skyline. Its external grandeur and magnificent interior, especially the fine stonework and beautiful stained glass make it well worth a visit for those interested in architectural history; they will also find an inspiring and tranquil place of prayer.

In addition to its role as the Mother Church of the Diocese of East Anglia, the Cathedral supports a large and vibrant parish, with some 1,200 regular worshippers and many thousands of visitors each year. The opening in 2010 of the new Narthex provided a focus for a wide range of community activities and many more opportunities for volunteering.