Exclusive 12 track CD for Papal Visit Pilgrim Packs

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Papal Visit pilgrims are set to receive an exclusive CD featuring ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ 2010 finalist Liam McNally, Oscott College seminarians, Archbishop Nichols and Lord Patten.

In the week of 6 September – just 10 days before the Holy Father lands in Edinburgh, those attending Papal Visit gatherings will be given a Pilgrim Passport, a Pilgrim Journey CD, and details about staying in touch after the Visit.

Pilgrims are gathering for the Papal Visit as representatives of their communities from across the UK. The commemorative Pilgrim Journey CD has been produced to help Pilgrims to prepare both spiritually and practically.

It has been specially commissioned and is designed to welcome people into the spirit of the journey and to encourage reflection on the visit of Pope Benedict XVI.

What’s on the CD?

A welcome message from Archbishop Vincent Nichols, “Pope Benedict comes to us as an eloquent and profound proclaimer of the Christian Gospel and the Catholic Faith. So do be ready to listen to him in your heart because that is the field in which God sows his seeds and in which the fruit will begin to grow.”

A welcome message from Lord Patten of Barnes, “David Cameron and the whole Government are I know very privileged and honoured that the Pope is coming to Britain in September, the first state visit made by a Pope to this country. The Pope comes here as head of a Church of over 1.1 billion around the world and a Church with which the Government finds itself working hand in hand to meet some if its priorities.”

A welcome message from Rev Paul Conroy, General Secretary of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Scotland, “We in Scotland feel immensely proud to be able to welcome the Holy Father at the beginning of his visit on a day when he will join with us in celebrating the feast of St Ninian of Galloway.”

A Pilgrim Message spoken by Francesca Boyle.

‘Urban Pilgrim’, ‘Jubilate’ and ‘Urban Pilgrim reprise’ by British music composer and producer Alessandro Cherin.

‘Deus Tuus Deus Meus’ sung by Samuel Davey and arranged and written by Father Gerard Bradley.

‘Panis Angelicus’ and ‘Our Father’ sung by Liam McNally, finalist in ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ 2010. It has been a long held dream of Liam’s to sing for the Holy Father and he is honoured to be able to make this tribute. Liam, aged 14, began singing in his primary school, St Margaret Mary’s, New Moston, then at St Matthew’s RC High School and as part of his worship at Holy Family RC Church in Rochdale.

‘Cor Ad Cor Loquitor’ (Heart Speaks unto Heart) performed by The Seminarians: John Watts and Daniel Weatherley.

‘Nunc Dimittis’ written by Craig Szmidt, performed by St Mary’s College, Oscott.


Visit this article on thepapalvisit.org.uk and you will find two MP3s from the CD. ‘Urban Pilgrim (reprise)’ and ‘Deus Tuus Deus Meus’