COVID-19 and the Ministry to the Sick – Interim Guidance

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The Ministry to the Sick

“The Church considers the care of those who are sick as holding a special place in the heart of the Church and its people, and participation in healthcare ministry is upheld in Catholic Teaching as a participation in the Ministry of Christ.”

“A principle in COVID-19 is to provide as much pastoral care by telephone as possible, or other non face-to-face means, as a means of reducing the spread of the virus.”

Protection of the vulnerable 

Many of our clergy and Extraordinary Ministers would be vulnerable to serious disease if they became infected with coronavirus.

“It would be sensible where possible to have the clergy who are fittest be available for face to face sacramental ministry if this is deemed strictly necessary in hospital settings.”

This interim guidance provides guidance on Ministry to the Sick during Covid-19 in hospitals, residential nursing, care settings and home settings.