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Year of Faith Video Series
In the latest in our ‘Year of Faith’ video series, His Eminence Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor shares two moments when he has encountered God through other people.
“Ways I’ve experienced God’s presence in my life, are really not so much in the world but in people. Just to give you two examples: one, where there is happiness. I remember a couple who came in to me whom I had married and hadn’t had children for ten years and desperately wanted one. They came to me hand-in-hand to say the child was on its way. I felt so happy for them, not just a human happiness but it was an answer to their prayer as another gift of God to them. And I experienced God in that way very much.
“Another time was when I used to give, as it were, a party, a meeting for disabled people and their families in my home and there were a large number. I saw after we had had the Mass and some food, they were dancing and I saw this Father who’d had a terribly difficult life and he had this disabled daughter, and he was dancing with her. I never saw in my life such love and such suffering in a man’s face. It reminded me of the Lord who suffered so much and loved so much. There is this man, that somehow the love increased the suffering and the suffering increased the love for his daughter.
“So it’s in those very human meetings with people that I find that my faith in God comes alive.”


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