Canadian Bishop comments on his visit to schools in the Holy Land

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Day Two of the Holy Land Co-ordination focuses on Education. Bishop Lionel Gendron of Saint-Jean Longueuil, Canada, comments on the Co-ordination’s visits to Catholic schools in the Holy Land.

Good day. I’m here with the Holy Land Co-ordination and the second day of our visit was dedicated to education.

This morning we visited the offices of the people in charge of all the schools for the Latin Patriarchate – schools in Israel but mainly in Jordan and Palestine.

I would say it’s really impressive how all these people are dedicated to the formation of Christians, no doubt, but also helping people relate to others.

What has struck me since the beginning – I’m here on my fourth year – is how it’s important for us, coming from many nations, to manifest our solidarity.

After lunch we met with the seminarians who are in formation – being educated to become priests. For them and us, this solidarity, this communion, is meaningful.

We learn a lot from them and hope that being here is good for them and also for their development.

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