Bishops oppose unjust Israeli law

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We stand in solidarity with the Holy Land’s Christian community and oppose the unjust Nation State Law passed by the Israeli Knesset earlier this year.
As the local Catholic ordinaries explained in their recent statement, this law creates a constitutional and legal basis for discriminatory treatment of Israel’s citizens on both ethnic and religious grounds.
We have seen first-hand the daily struggles faced by Palestinian Christians living in the state of Israel and recognise that these will only be exacerbated by the Nation State Law.
The international community including our own government has a duty to stand against such divisive legislation, which will not only undermine the rights of already vulnerable communities but will also damage the democratic character of Israel itself.
We pray at this time for all peoples of the Holy Land.
Rt Rev Declan Lang
Bishop of Clifton (Chair of the Holy Land Coordination)

Rt Rev Christopher Chessun
Anglican Bishop of Southwark