Bishop Richard Moth Calls for Prayers for all Victims of London Attack

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Bishop Richard Moth from the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton has called for prayers for those killed in the terrorist attack in London on Wednesday 22 March at Westminster.

Bishop Richard said “I join with all those of faith in asking for prayers for all those killed in the attack yesterday and especially for family and friends who grieve them. I also continue to remember in prayer those who were injured and their families.”

He went onto say “Many people from this Diocese work in London, including police officers, or travel to London on a regular basis so when something happens in London then we are also affected in many ways. We stand in solidarity with the people of London and indeed with all victims of terrorism across the world.”

Bishop Richard concluded by saying “We must not allow the wrong actions of a few to tarnish our relations with all communities present in our diocese especially our Muslim brothers and sisters who have been present in this Diocese for more than 100 years.”