Bishop Philip Pargeter’s resignation accepted by Pope Benedict XVI

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Pope Benedict XVI has accepted the resignation of Bishop Philip Pargeter as Auxiliary Bishop of Birmingham in accordance with canons 411 and 401§1.

The announcement was made in Rome at 12pm (11am UK time).

Bishop Pargeter was ordained auxiliary Bishop of Birmingham, and titular Bishop of Valentiniana, by Archbishop Couve de Murville on 21 February 1990.


Canon Law references and links:

Can. 411
The prescripts of cann. 401 and 402, §2 on resignation from office apply to a coadjutor and auxiliary bishop.

Can. 401 §1
A diocesan bishop who has completed the seventy-fifth year of age is requested to present his resignation from office to the Supreme Pontiff, who will make provision after he has examined all the circumstances.

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