Bishop of Nottingham urges faithful to offer Friday penance for crisis in India

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“I am deeply saddened to read of the worsening situation in India following the alarming outbreak of Covid-19. There are many people living and working within Nottingham Diocese who are from India and who I know have loved ones living there today. Be assured that I hold your friends, family and the country which you love, in my prayers at this devastating time.

“Today I also appeal to the faithful of the Diocese to offer up their usual Friday penance for those who are suffering in India-the sick, the dying, the bereaved and all those who courageously care for them. I recently read of a local bishop who is taking seriously ill priests to hospital, due to the fact there is a shortage of ambulances and no guarantee that a hospital bed can even be found. It was devastating to learn that the Diocese of Dumka has lost five priests to COVID-19 in the space of 10 days.

“May God grant them and all those who have lost their lives, eternal rest and may our Blessed Mother comfort the sick and the dying in this time of terrible trial and sorrow.”

Bishop Patrick McKinney
Bishop of Nottingham