Archbishop Vincent Nichols meets with Sri Lanka’s Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs

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(Photo of Arbishop Vincent Nichols)
At the request of the President of the Sri Lankan Bishops’ Conference, Archbishop Vincent Nichols met with Mr Neomal Perera MP, Sri Lanka’s Deputy Minster for External Affairs, in Archbishop’s House, Westminster, on 13 May.

Throughout his conversation with the Minister, Archbishop Nichols stressed the need for the Sri Lankan government to ensure that the fundamental human rights of all Sri Lankans were protected.

Archbishop Nichols also highlighted the UN Secretary General’s Panel of Expert’s Report and urged that credible investigations take place into allegations of violence so that lasting reconciliation could be achieved.

Recognising the devastating impact that civil war had upon the country, Archbishop Nichols concluded by praying for all Sri Lankans as they struggle to create a just and peaceful future.