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It has been twelve years since the Catholic Bishops’ Conference published ‘A Place of Redemption’. This remains the Church’s seminal contribution to discussions around criminal justice in England and Wales, and sets out our vision for a prison system that rehabilitates offenders, supports victims and works for society as a whole.

Building upon this ‘The Right Road’ draws expertise from Catholic chaplains, charities and experts working in the field of criminal justice, to make recommendations for reform in today’s context. With more than 85,000 men, women and young people in prison, there has never been a more important time for the Church to have a strong voice and clear message to policy makers.

Prisons are not isolated institutions standing disconnected from the outside world. They are an integral part of communities, and how we treat prisoners is a reflection upon our society. Prison reform is therefore all of our responsibility and I am confident that the following will provide a solid basis for the Church’s engagement in this most pressing challenge.

Rt Rev Richard Moth
Lead Bishop for Prisons


The Right Road – 2016
A Catholic approach to prison reform. Draws on expertise from Catholic charities, chaplains and experts working in this field. November 2016.


Place of Redemption – 2004
A Christian approach to Punishment and Prison. 

Belief and Belonging – 2016
A research document that looks at the spiritual and pastoral role of Catholic chaplains for Catholic prisoners. 

Cardinal: ‘Ban the box’ so prison leavers can find stable employment
Cardinal Vincent Nichols has told delegates at a conference on prison chaplaincy that employers – Catholic organisations included – should exclude the tick box on initial job application forms requiring a person who has completed a prison sentence to disclose their conviction.