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Gaza’s priest | Fr Gabriel Romanelli

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Gaza's priest | Fr Gabriel Romanelli

Father Gabriel Romanelli is the parish priest of the Holy Family Church in Gaza City. He had to watch from a distance as the horrors of the 7 October Hamas attack unfolded, before Israel’s bombardment of the Strip led to the humanitarian crisis and suffering we now see in this torn land.

Father Romanelli spent a week in the UK, in London and Glasgow, from 22 – 27 April, meeting with Christian leaders and politicians to highlight the plight of the near 500 people still sheltering in the compound of the Holy Family Church.

For this Catholic News podcast, we again partner up with Middle East Analysis – a podcast strand that emanated from the Bishops’ Conference 15 years ago and features our former Middle East North Africa (MENA) consultant Dr Harry Hagopian.

Dr Hagopian, an International lawyer and analyst who has long worked for peace between Israel and Palestine, joins Fr Romanelli in conversation for this special podcast.

We discuss the current plight of the parish community in the north of Gaza, the lack of food, water and medicine, the Pope’s daily phone calls and pastoral concern for the people, the need for a lasting peace, what Catholics in England and Wales can do, the light of faith in the darkness, and much more.


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