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A place of belonging for people with disabilities

Catholic News
Catholic News
A place of belonging for people with disabilities

As the Church enters the season of Advent, on the first Sunday, 3 December, we also celebrate the International Day of Disabled Persons. It’s an occasion that reminds us, should we need reminding, that the Church needs to be a place of belonging for people with disabilities.

For this Catholic News podcast we’re joined by Cristina Gangemi from the Kairos Forum, her friend Sean, a man who has never let disability get between his love of God and desire to serve the Church, and also Tracy, a lady who helps Sean and kindly assists at those times when Sean’s words are hard to understand during this podcast.

Please do use the transcript too in order to follow the conversation more closely.

We discuss: The International Day of Disabled Persons and why it’s important, valuability not vulnerability, the four Ps to help us value people with disabilities, and finish with a good focus for prayer this Advent.



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