For Your Family

Bringing faith home can be difficult with so many pressures and challenges placed upon home life.

Try and spend some time with the people at home exploring the activities below to see how National Youth Sunday can be a celebration for everyone.

The family should be the first place of accompaniment. Youth ministry can present the ideal of life in Christ as the process of building a house on rock (cf. Mt 7:24-25). For most young people, that house, their life, will be built on marriage and married love. That is why youth ministry and the pastoral care of families should be coordinated and integrated, with the aim of ensuring a continuous and suitable accompaniment of the vocational process.

Christus Vivit (242)

Five minutes with your family

You can explore this years National Youth Sunday theme with this interactive video to watch at home with your family. Gather everyone around the screen and give it a go!

Saints Zelie & Louis Martin

These two amazing Saints help us reflect on how we can bring faith home. Have a read of their awesome stories and then take a look at the activity sheet to think of the best was to celebrate National Youth Sunday at home with your family.