General Intercessions for Communications

We are charged with the responsibility of genuinely encountering one another so that our love for each other may become stronger. In keeping with this high undertaking, we petition the Lord now on behalf of those who are especially in need.

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General Intercessions:

We pray for all those in the Church who communicate to others, through multiple means, the saving truth of the gospel, that they may be diligent servants of the Word and conscientious champions of the truth. Lord in your mercy.

We pray for politicians that they may communicate candidly with the electorate and have the courage publicly to address controversial issues which need to be resolved if human dignity and the common good of society are to be upheld. Lord in your mercy.

We pray for journalists who put themselves in danger to bring to others’ attention wrongdoing and human suffering, that their efforts to humanise society may bear fruit and that they may be kept safe from harm. Lord in your mercy.

We pray for those who have been interiorly imprisoned as a result of their exposure to evil on the internet, that they may be given the strength of will to break out of their addictive behaviour and find peace and healing. Lord in your mercy.

We pray for ourselves, that we may, through God’s grace, use modern media judiciously, so that our horizons may be expanded and we may grow in empathy with others, especially those who are most vulnerable. Lord in your mercy.

We ask Our Lady, who proclaimed God’s mercy whist yet our Saviour was in her womb, to pray with us and for us now as we say: Hail Mary …

Concluding Prayer

Almighty and ever living Father,
the Great Story of your Son’s defeat of the Kingdom of Darkness
through his cruel death and glorious resurrection
is proclaimed from east to west and in every generation.
Hear now the prayers which we offer for those whom he has redeemed.
We ask this through the same Christ our Lord.