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Bishops call for the common good to be put at the heart of the general election and government

The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales this week put out a message encouraging all Catholics to use their vote in the forthcoming General Election and to seek parliamentary candidates who will serve the common good.

The short message complements ‘’ – the Bishops’ recent document about Catholic Social Teaching. It sets out some of the considerations all voters should have in mind when making choices on how to vote, but clearly states that the Bishops are not advocating any particular political party as that is not their role.

“We depend on each other. And we need a Government that draws out what is best in all of us, and which aims to serve the common good. So the fundamental question we each need to ask ourselves in deciding who to vote for is not who will best serve me, but who will best serve the common good of all of us.”

The areas of focus pick on some of the themes explored in ‘Choosing the Common Good’: Valuing Life; Family; Migration; Supporting the development of the world’s poor; the environment; the importance of religious belief.

The document concludes:

“Our faith is at the heart of our lives. Religious belief is not just something private: it helps create a society that wants to see everyone flourish. It has a contribution to make and must be allowed to do so in accordance with its teachings.

“Whoever you decide to vote for, from whichever political party you decide to support, send back to Parliament someone who understands and will work for the common good.”


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