Bishop Sherrington supports ending of ‘DIY’ Home Abortions

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Bishop John Sherrington, Lead Bishop for Life Issues, has issued a brief statement supporting the ending of ‘DIY’ Home Abortions.

Last year, the Catholic Church responded to the Department of Health and Social Care’s open consultation on whether the temporary policy to permit ‘at-home’ abortions should become permanent. We continue to oppose any proposed change to make permanent legislation which has proven to be dangerous and fatal for pregnant women, and which has resulted in the tragic and needless loss of thousands of unborn lives. I have become more aware of the risks such legislation presents, with 600 medical professionals writing a letter in opposition to it and the early day motion tabled by Carla Lockhart MP. Both have illustrated the many complications that have arisen because of this temporary legislation, for example, severe complications, medical emergencies, abortions beyond the legal limit, risks of coercion and lack of safeguards for women in abusive relationships. We strongly encourage all Catholics to make their voice heard on this and contact their MP by letter, email or making use of this simple tool from Right to Life.