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The lead Bishop for Scouts, Bishop Moth preached at the National Scout Service held on Sunday, 29 April at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. The service was a celebration of the annual St George’s Day National Queen’s Scout Gathering.

In his sermon, Bishop Moth spoke on the theme of arrows and of how they serve as pointers on life’s journey:

“Arrows point the way – and we are all on a journey. We have all travelled to be here today. We spend our lives going from one place to another, seemingly in an ever-increasing rush under the pressures of life.”

He highlighted biblical journeys:

“The Bible contains many accounts of people on journeys – Abraham journeying to the promised land, Moses and the people of Israel leaving Egypt, The Jewish people at the time of the exile leaving their beloved homeland – and then returning again many years later.”

And spoke of the need to take time to stop; reflect and look for new signs on the journey:

“Once in a while, it is good to stop and reflect for a bit. We step off the road and check map and compass. We remember where we have been and we look for the path ahead. We take our bearings. We look for new signs and we continue on the journey.”

He also highlighted that there is often a surprise on the journey:

“Sometimes, the path we are called to take will be something of a surprise; the arrows giving us direction may point to unexpected places.”

And concluded with an emphasis on Service:

“My prayer for each one here today is that together we may continue on that path of service, finding meaning and fulfilment on the journey of life together, a life lived with real direction in the service of others, that we become the people God calls us to be. It is following these arrows that will bring us truly to life.”


Sermon: Bishop Moth at the National Scout Service


The tradition of the St George’s Day ceremony at began in 1934. Records show that since its inception over 100,000 young men and women have been honoured with a King’s or Queen’s Scout Award for their own outstanding personal achievements.